Diabetic Traveller

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 5 years old and I can't remember life without it. I don't let it stop me from doing anything, especially travel, but it can be a pain in the arse sometimes. This is my story.

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    Memory lane: diabetes and international airports

    As a travel journalist, I have been very lucky to visit many interesting destinations around the world, from Japan to the Maldives. Travelling with diabetes has rarely caused me too much hassle (apart from in the US – more in that in the future). However, I have had a couple of interesting experiences in international airports when it comes to taking my insulin through security. Unfortunately, it is not wise to store your insulin in hold luggage as airline travel can cause both the luggage and insulin to freeze, which may prevent it from working properly. As a result, I always carry all my insulin and diabetes equipment in my…

  • Diabetic Traveller

    FreeStyle Libre: my new best friend?

    This is my first post about my diabetes, and I am going to keep it fairly short. Today I finally got sent my first FreeStyle Libre: a fancy flash glucose monitoring system that allows you to scan your arm like a barcode to check your bloodsugar. As long as you scan the sensor at least once every eight hours, you can see how your bloodsugar changes over time, tracking if it is heading for a high (hyperglycemia) or a crash (hypoglycemia). This is very cool. The first time I attached the sensor on my arm was a little scary as it has a rather gnarly needle – admittedly I had…